A quick introduction

Hi members of the internet!

My name is Sarah Frazer and I’m studying a b.Communication and Media Studies along side a b. Science, which is where my true passion is. I have one older sister, and mother and father and two adorable sandy cats which I had to leave at home when I left for university.

As for the rest of the introduction, I could tell you about my favourite colour or list my top five icecream flavours-which I may actually do at a later date- but for now I’ll keep to the bare minimum. I’m 18 years old, and when I finally feel like I’ve grown up I want to be a science communicator/presenter/teacher or any other career that lets me teach others about the magic that is science.

Other passions include tea-the loose leaf drink of gods- and being outdoors-not outdoor exercise as such but just breathing in the ambiance of the natural environment (hopefully from the comfort of a chair). I’ve done drama for the last ten years, and love performing arts.

Hopefully that gives you a nice little packet of information through which you can form a dashing opinion of me, and ’till next time have a wonderful day.



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