The Power of the People

There exist countless crowdfunding models on the internet, however few manage to gain the grandeur of Admittedly, there exist larger crowd funding sites- such as kickstarter- but succeeds in the fact that it addressed any area in great need of provision, and does so successfully with the support of its users.

Some of its success comes from the generation of a sense of community, an emotional attachment between the donors and the research they are helping fund. This is done by the researchers sharing information, progress reports, successes and failures, with the citizens that donated, making apparent the events that they, through donating helped put into motion. Most of this research is shared initially only to the parties that donated, which again creates a better sense exclusiveness and even importance. This constant communication creates a community of people, all centred on a main project, who feel personal attached to its progress.

Not only do the members of the public benefit, but also the researchers. gives them a platform to gain funding, and the constant sharing of results helps them first off to stay motivated and on course for their research, and secondly helps them gain an insight into the public response to the results, before it reaches the public sphere.

It is the audience that holds the key to success or failure in every crowdfunding exercise. Without the support of the audience via donations, none of the projects on the site would ever reach completion- at least not at a reasonable rate- and the site would cease to exist. It’s success speaks for the supportive nature of the audience, and suggests a wide breathed of viewers.


One thought on “The Power of the People

  1. I think this blog is awesome to say the least!

    It is so well structured and it is so accurate i love it.

    I totally agree that the people have the power and the people will in the end decide what happens.
    ” It’s success speaks for the supportive nature of the audience, and suggests a wide breathed of viewers.” This is my favourite line of this blog. It summaries everything perfectly. Great spelling and punctuation really give this blog the wow factor haha.

    All in all though I’m going to share this blog that’s how much I like it

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