Time to Reflect

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Albert Einstein

Having always known that there exists a divide between scientific understanding and media reporting, through my BCM110 study I’m being to form a better developed concept as to why this gap exists. Through commercial interests and general disinterest from the public, science has struggled to gain a foothold as an important feature in the news. In understand now that the mediated public sphere is filled with members of all backgrounds and education levels, and with science and many scientific discoveries being somewhat hard to understand, especially to those without a detailed knowledge of scientific concepts, brings about the understanding of why most of the public space is not concerned with what they see as inconsequential or unimportant scientific discoveries.
From reading others blogs, I have gain the crucial insight into media issues such as self-esteem and “the ideal appearance” induced by the media, and how, in many regards the people have power over the media by either paying, or not paying attention to its content, and in this way shaping content for the future, whilst at the same time being shaped by the content they are exposed to. I am reminded constantly that there exists a realm outside of the scientific approach, which I find hard to branch out to myself, however through others blogs I gain a valuable and much wider view on concepts such as media control, perceptions, signals and signifiers than I would through just my own research. This in turn also highlights how scientifically I look at most factors in life, a key concept of my personality I’ve only just come to fully recognise.
I now begin to scrutinize the news I once took for granted, considering the reasons they give particular stories the length and time slot they do, and what their possible commercial, political and social motivations behind the arrangement are. However, like the debate on sexualisation on children in the media, I’m worried that this course has invited me to treat all media reporting suspiciously, when in fact there might-and probably isn’t- any sinister motivation behind showing a piece on the political state of Australia right after a clip of a water skiing squirrel.
One universal message I have taken on from this course is the ability to think for yourself, but always respect the thoughts of other, which I will carry that with me for the rest of my life.


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