Crowdfunding: Produsage at it’s most beneficial as a platform for crowd funding relies on produsage. Incidentally, it tends to conform to Brun’s our characteristics on produsage (Bruns 2007).

1. Open Participation, Communal Evaluation
Whilst funding can only be applied for by scientists based in the United States of America, it encourages participation by sponsors from all over the globe. These sponsors then act as moderators of content, with only research assignments that engage the interest of the participant on the site ever fulfilling their monetary goal.(Luan 2014)

2.Fluid Heterarchy, Ad Hoc Meritocracy
There exists a somewhat clear heterarchy in the use of Those with the knowledge and ability create the research projects to fund, and those with an interest in such projects fund them. Power is then granted to the sponsors to boost or dismiss projects as their interest dictates. If the project reaches completion responsibility is then placed back into the hands of the sponsored scientists to communicate their discoveries and share their experimental results with the people that funded them.

3. Unfinished Artefacts, Continuing Process
The projects themselves are under a strict time limit to gain funding, after which they are removed. However, if they successfully reach their goal, the research generated may continue for a number of years, and led to discoveries which themselves generate other field of exploration or application. The results generated, even a null result, can have unlimited applications to wider science, and in this way the research generated never quite reaches completion.

4. Common Property, Individual Rewards
Some of the finer details of the research may be withheld, but every individual sponsoring the research topics receives many short and long term benefits. This includes learning about the research, thus gaining a sense that they have made a positive change to society’s knowledge pool, and in the long run seeing the reality of the impact the research has had on the community and their own lives.(Grant 2014)

Grant, R. (2014). is pushing science forward with crowdfunding. Science, VentureBeat. 2014.

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Bruns, Axel (2007) Produsage: Towards a Broader Framework for User-Led Content Creation. In Proceedings Creativity & Cognition 6, Washington, DC.


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