#Catneys: The Final Project

This Soundcloud file was designed to be complimented by the following links and videos, which follow the order of the audio. Feel free to scroll through as you please, however, I would suggest pausing the audio or muting the videos before you play them. Enjoy!

One of my main inspirations for this research:

Follow the story so far: 

Want to know more about kidney failure in cats? Check out this, or this and this!

Still aren’t satisfied? The Cornwell University has a more scientific look.

Worried about your kitties health? Double check the symptoms of kidney trouble.

The tests your vet will do if kidney problems are suspected are:

Treatment options include:

This is what it looks like to give Tiger his intravenous IV:

Want to know more about organ transplants in cats?

Want to know more about 3D printing?

Cannot recommend this TED talk enough if you want to know more about 3D printing replacement organs:

Models of kidneys:

Some of the scans of Tiger’s kidney:

The organ donor crisis:

The ethics:

More information on kidney transplants for cats.

Oki’s Story!

Thanks for following along!



Vermeulen, N, Haddow, G & Seymour, T 2017, ‘3D bioprint me: a socioethical view of bioprinting human organs and tissues’, Journal of Medical Ethics, pp. 1-7. Retrieved 23 May, 2017, from http://jme.bmj.com/content/medethics/early/2017/03/20/medethics-2015-103347.full.pdf


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