Utopia- Uschmopia

In the lecture, Ted talked about the concept of Utopian versus Dystopian futures. After a week of having to follow the story of the (democratically elected) leader of one of the most powerful countries playing “my toys are better than yours” with another- possibly even more unhinged- man in power, I’m not feeling too confident in our chances of making it to a future where we get to sort neatly into either category.


The leaders of two powerful countries.

I also don’t believe that a distributed system or centralized system are inherently going to lead to either future. We have an example of an unregulated system in the form of the Dark Web. 70% of it is perfectly legitimate, but the other 30% is some seriously dark stuff. Centralized systems can also easily be abused.

A system is only as good or bad as the intentions and actions of people using and controlling it. No system can protect against human nature.


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