There’s an Art to Science Reporting


scene 3_1

Adventure Dave: A GIF


I made this meme because, in the age of Trump, general news has finally become as much of a disaster as scientific news has always been.

Legacy media often neglect scientific news as it doesn’t fit the “formula” for news writing. If you’re a journalist with a deadline and no scientific training, science news is a challenge. As a rule, science isn’t one of the most popular subjects either. Legacy media relies on hits, thus there’s very little point of them including content that doesn’t draw more customers in.


Science has now become an “in” thing. The rise of the internet has aided this. It’s easier now than ever to hunt out the scientific news. It’s also easier than ever to read things, lots of things, that are completely false. The prosumer culture has lead to everyone thinking they’re an expert. Scientific writing doesn’t need any more amateurization- we’re already there. People with alternate (and sometimes very bad) ideas can fall into an echo chamber of content produced by people with no training and no valid research to back up their statements, which can lead to devastating outcomes.

The only way we can remedy this, and remedy the problem at large of fake news, is to check your sources. Even news agencies get their news from somewhere. When in doubt, do your research.



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