I made this meme to highlight that I probably don’t care enough about internet safety. I know that Facebook is harvesting my data and selling it to companies so that they can, in turn, sell me stuff. I’m okay with this. In this system, I get to use Facebook for free (which is a win) and I get cool stuff that I’m actually interested in shown to me (which is an even bigger win). I will admit, I’d like to think I’m not super vulnerable to advertising (which is probably total bogus). I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought anything from the ads I’ve seen in my social media, so I don’t feel that threatened by it. I do think that it’s sad that Facebook targets people that are more vulnerable, but so does late night television.

I even tried to protect my privacy on the internet by covering my webcam but I used blutac which kept sealing my laptop closed, and I decided I’d rather have a laptop that’s easy to open and let people take videos of me looking like a homeless person at the library.

It’s a tough world out there.


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