The Rise of Phones and the Fall of Sense

The rise of mobile usage wasn’t meant to be the focus of the lecture, but it made me have an “Oh my god why do I do this to myself” moment when I remembered all the times I chose to watch Netflix on my phone while my laptop is right next to me. This is especially concerning considering there’s evidence to suggest that consistent mobile browsing can actually damage the muscles in your hand. I made this meme to summaries my self-destructive life habits.

As for the debate between open and closed systems, I think it should be the consumers right to choose. I don’t want an Iphone, because I like flexibility in my choice applications and settings. This being said, I don’t want my Nan to have to use anything other than an iPhone. She’s only just figured out how to adjust the brightness of her screen and I think Android software would be a little too much. Each has their place in society.


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