Science Writing in the Confusing Age


I made this meme out of a bit of suppressed rage and disappear at the stage of scientific news. In the lecture, we talked about the rise in citizen journalism and how that may affect the quality of the news stories, and all I wanted to do was crackle manically because science journalism has pretty much always been that terrible.

There is a problem with untrained individuals writing about stuff they don’t fully understand. We see it now with the rise of the regular citizen reporter, but with science, this has always been a problem. Very few people have been trained in both journalism and the scientific field, and either side tends to look down on the other. I know this because I’m one of the unfortunate souls caught between the two. Science writing may get better, with projects such as The Conversation, and accessibility of the internet means that more scientific professionals will get their voices heard. This being said, so will a lot of people who have no idea what they’re on about, and when its a complicated subject, it becomes harder and harder for the public to know who to trust.

Just use Google Scholar guys, it’ll save a life.



One thought on “Science Writing in the Confusing Age

  1. I remember taking STS288 and I was so interested about how Science is (very minimally and not always accurately) portrayed in the media. I think it’s so relevant what your saying that what is becoming a problem for professional journalism has always been a problem in scientific journalism (I can see how you’re frustrated). I believe we will always need professional journalistic writers, personally I might look to online curators for headlines then find published articles for the details and facts and to read further. This article ( I thought was really interesting, although journalists believe they are in a battle with social media and online content creators the balance between the two is healthy for news distribution and I don’t think either will completely dominate or diminish.

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