Facebook vs. Roast Rolls from Red Rooster

I made this meme because I’ve never felt more personally victimised before in my life. My message was blocked yesterday, which revealed to me two very concerning things.

The first is what I’ve suspected for a long time but could never confirm: Facebook monitors everything that you say.

Secondly, they don’t approve of roast rolls. 

How could you not approve of this?

Admittedly, it was only a problem because of my ham fingers type “from.red” instead of “from red” but this is a perfect example of internet surveillance getting it wrong. Now whilst it may be just an interesting story for me if this surveillance tool was trying to figure out whether I was a dangerous criminal the implications for it making the wrong decision could be much more extensive.

Thankfully, Facebook has banned third-parties (such as the police) from being able to use Facebook to track down criminals and protestors. This doesn’t mean we’re safe from Facebook itself.

Hide your roast rolls everyone, internet surveillance is coming for you.


4 thoughts on “Facebook vs. Roast Rolls from Red Rooster

  1. I have also been personally victimised by Facebook and a number of trolls who just don’t understand my meme-y sense of humour. I decided to change my Facebook name to “Large-n-in-Charge” only to be sent an actual inbox by Facebook saying that they’re revoked the 60 day name changing rule so that I can change my name back to my real one. I’m still shook.
    Your post is also so accurate in the way in which Facebook is always watching. https://www.wired.com/2007/12/facebooks-is-al/ I try to tell my less internet-savy friends this but they just don’t get it. -V

  2. Ive never seen a Facebook monitoring scandal (other than that sneaky advertising scheme) in real life until now, so I just didn’t think they really existed! its insane to think that every single thing I’ve ever said on Facebook and messenger has been recorded. they could really dig up some embarrassing stuff on there!

    Also shocked and upset that Facebook doesn’t like roast rolls. What monsters!

    do you think there’ll ever come a time when Facebook and the police work together and your data collected by Facebook will be shared? I mean they could easily update the terms of service to say that they can share your info with anyone and I wouldn’t even know, because who reads that shit anyways!

  3. I myself did experience the same situation. When I chat with my friend on Facebook Messenger and we were mentioning “Adidas NMD” and “cheap” and not long afterward, my news feed was filled with a wide range of ads relating to NMD with a decent price. There’s no way that was a coincidence. Not only Facebook but Google and its child, Youtube, also monitor us. I was listening to music on Youtube the same day and a small “not annoying” ad popped up on the right side of the screen, later on the day I was logging in a forum on Google and the same kind of ad about NMD appeared again when I scrolled down the screen. Adam from CollegeHumor actually made a fun video about how all these so-called websites monitor and use our information for their profit.

    Everything has 2 sides and I believe this is the darker side of free websites that we use on a daily basis. And the question arises, which one is more worthy: your privacy or free access to social media?

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