Cortana, CortaNAH

I originally wanted to make a meme about me trying to use Cortana (ick) to make some kind of smart statement about the future of technology. Instead, I guess almost proving my point, I couldn’t even turn it on. Here we are moving into the automated, technologically capable age, and I can’t even turn my laptops voice control on. I know there was an error popping up, but it would flash for a second before I could read what it said and nothing else on the page could answer my queries.

As much as I want to be excited (or scared???) of the future of high powered computers, but Cortana has reminded me that we’re definitely¬†not there yet. I would love an automated home and car that responds to all my needs, but judging by how well my computer handles voice control, I don’t think I’m willing to trust them with that much power yet.


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